2016 Reunion

Have some pictures of "back in the day" that you can scan? Then send them to medevac2@15thmedbnassociation.org and we'll see about getting them added to this photos page so other can enjoy them.


2016 15th Medical Battlion Association reunion.
Front row:
Larry Hatch, Art Martin, Leo Williams, Bob McKinley, Bill Haistings, Jim Calibro, Richard Schroder, Randy Cavanaugh, Clyde Moore
Subsequent rows:
Rudy Peden, Tom Grove, Larry Silvey, Jim Victor, Randy Burkhart, Dennis Guthrie, Rich Leonard, Barry Brown, Larry Norris, Jim Hall, Dave Huser, Damien Vierra, , Jim Ong, Ken Colby, Jim Fergusen, Mike Smith, Terry McCarl, Richard Medlock, Jon Lundquist, Ron (HUEY) Huether, Fred McKeller, Ron Ingram, Henry Land, Ken Moro

15th Med Bn distaff. 

L to R: Joan Leonard, Linn Vercheski, Vickie Peden , Dianne Guthrie, Barb Colby, Billie Norris, Lana Brown, Cindy Lundquist, Susan Huether , Connie Medlock, Nora McKeller, Yolanda Martin. Velma Smith, Holly Calibro, Marlene Ingram , Patsy Silvey, Judy Miller, Patricia Shroder, Peggy Steele