2004 Reunion

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President— Murray Gibbs
Vice President — Jim Calibro
Treasurer — Robert McKinley
Alt Replacement— James McDonald

Appointed OFFICERS

Secretary — Maurice "Corky" Walsh
Database Operator/Webmaster — James McDonald
Search Coordinator— Norm Roberge
Reunion Coordinator — Tim
Historians Bill Downey, Art Martin & Larry Ash
Other appointments made at the President's discretion.

15th Med Association
Minutes — 2004 Meeting
Portland Oregon

The meeting was called to order by President Murray Gibbs in the Hospitality Room of the Doubletree Hotel. President Gibbs introduced the 2003-2004 officers of the 15th Association and distinguished guests. We all silently prayed for one minute to honor Charles Lawhorn passed away the last year.

There was no old business from the previous year. Alt Officer Jim Calibro read the Mission Statement. President Gibbs explained our four-fold mission to the members present.
Art Jacobs suggested we contact an attorney to read our Constitution and By-laws for the proper wording. Past President Mike Smith said Sherman "Snore" Breeden had previously done this when he organized the Association.

Distinguished guest Col Bill Downey explained the history of the medical pods used by the 15th Medical Battalion in Viet Nam.

Members then introduced themselves. After introductions, Doug Campbell read his poem "Sympathetic Journey:" dedicated to the US. Army Medevac (Dust-Off).
Bob McKinley. Treasurer reported that the 15th Med Association funds totaled $1077.18. He submitted a copy of the treasury report reference.

A discussion opened up as to where to hold the next reunion. It was suggested the next reunion be held in conjunction with the 1st Cavalry Division Reunion at Fort Hood Texas. Tim Kirwan volunteered as the 2005 Reunion Coordinator.

Mike Smith nominated Murray Gibbs for President. The nomination was seconded by Doug Campbell. The members present voted unanimously.

Murray Gibbs nominated Jim Calibro for Vice President. The nomination was seconded by Dan Weaver. The members present voted unanimously.

Murray Gibbs nominated James McDonald for Alt-Replacement. The nomination was seconded by Art Jacobs. The members present voted unanimously.

Murray Gibbs nominated Bob McKinley for Treasurer. The nomination was seconded by Corky Walsh. The members present voted unanimously.

Murray Gibbs appointed Corky Walsh for Secretary.

Murray Gibbs also made the following appointment:

  • Search Coordinator— Norm Roberge
    Database/Webmaster — James McDona1d
    Historians: Col Bill Downey, Art Martin, Art Jacobs

The meeting was concluded until the 2005 Reunion Meeting.

Jim Calibro
Vice President

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