Join the Association

If you are a veteran assigned or attached to the 15th Medical Battalion; Medical Company,1st CSSB; and/or the Medical Company, 215th CSB, and would like to join the 15Medical Battalion Association, please submit the membership application below. There is no application fee or annual dues for membership in the 15th Medical BN Association.


Street Address:


State (i.e. NY, TX):

Postal/ZIP Code (i.e. 78624):

Your E-mail:

Telephone Number (i.e. 123-456-7890):

Rank in Nam (i.e. SP5, CPT, PFC):

Position/Job in Nam:

If a Pilot, What Was Your Callsign:

Unit(s) (i.e. A Co, C Co, Medevac, 215th CSB):

Dates Served (i.e. 7/69-7/70:


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