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Note: The follow insignia history gleaned from the book United States Army Air Ambulance by Mark M. Hough.

  1. The patch was hand-made in Vietnam and worn from early 1966 through mid-to-late 1967. It features the motto, "ANGELS OF MERCY," in yellow in an attached top tab. This example is three- and one-half inches high and three and one-quarter inches wide and is embroidered on light blue cotton cloth with a medium blue border. The shield-shaped section of the patch is a yellow winged caduceus topped with a brown and yellow halo. On a white scroll, bordered in black across the middle of the caduceus, "MED-E-VAC," is embroidered in red. The "MED-E-VAC" is a reference to the fact that the Air Ambulance Platoon was the only air ambulance unit in Vietnam that used MEDEVAC as a call sign instead of DUSTOFF. Individual pilots used the call sign, "MERCY, also a reference to the motto on this patch."
  2. This patch was worn over the left pocket of flight suit shirts and jungle jackets. CWO Larry Hatch and a physician in the 15th Medical Battalion Headquarters Company designed this patch in late 1967. The original insignia did not have the wording around the bottom of the patch. The wording was added after mid-1968. At least during the latter stages of the war, the custom was to wear the patch over the right pocket if the wearer's helicopter had been shot down. This insignia was made in Vietnam. It is approximately five inches high and four inches wide and is machine embroidered on yellow twill with a gray border. An applique red cross with white Army Aviator's wings embroidered on it is superimposed on a 1st Cavalry Division shoulder patch, the familiar yellow shield with a black band and horse's head. The motto, "SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE," is embroidered around the bottom of the patch and the owner's call sign, in this case, "MEDEVAC 10." appears at the top.
  3. This patch is the same design as "2," but the distinctive features of red cross and wording have been added in Vietnam to a regular US-made shoulder patch with a non-embroidered edge. This example has the call sign, "MEDEVAC 18," at the top. It is five inches high and three and a half inches wide.
  4. A patch made similar to "2" but bearing the words, "MEDEVAC CREW CHIEF," at the top. It features Army Air Crew wings in the red cross. It was also modified in Vietnam.
  5. This patch is similar to "3," but a modified US-made sewn border patch with the words, "MEDEVAC MEDIC." at the top.
  6. A patch made similar to "4" but with, "MEDEVAC CO," at the top on a hot-cut edge US-made shoulder sleeve insignia. This example was meant for crew members and was presented to COL Samuel J. Griffith, Flight Surgeon, in 1972.

Medevac Patch Collection

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