2019 Reunion Tour Information

Airmen's Museum & Historic Aircraft - Thursday afternoon

The Museum offers a look at aircraft, engines and weapons dating as far back as World War I. Throughout Lackland Air Force Base are static displays of several dozen airplanes, including the g. the Airmen's Museum is quite comprehensive, well done, and excellent explanatory labels. The static aircraft display of historic aircraft (on the parade field) is a must see! Also the military dog memorial at one end. It's a hike around the field, but take it all in! From B-17 Flying Fortress, the P-38 Lightning, the P-82 Twin MustanC-47, to the SR-71 and WW-2 trainers (AT-6) and fighters...it you're interested in military history it's a must see. Click HERE to see pictures of the aircraft on display.

AMEDD Museum - Friday Afternoon

We're going to have a caravan of cars leaving the reunion hotel enroute to the Army Medical Department Museum on Fort Sam Houston on Friday afternoon. Access to the post is fairly easy if you have a retired ID but a bit more complicated if not. In order to speed our group access on post, I will need to know some data elements about you, your spouse, and any guests. Please provide that information in the form below. Those failing to provide information prior to the reunion cutoff (15 Mar 19) will still be welcome, albeit you'll have to stop at Visitor Information, fill out the proper forms, and obtain your own clearance to proceed on post.

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