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15th Med Bn article

15th Med Bn article

15th Med Bn article

2016 15th Medical BN Assn. Reunion

By Terry McCarl

The 15th Medical BN Assn. 2016 Reunion was held in Olympia, WA , April 11-16. Reunion Coordinator (and now new Assn. President) Larry Hatch began planning for the reunion immediately after the 2015 Reunion in Boise, ID, put together an incredible program, and publicized the reunion widely in periodicals of interest to Veterans including the 1st Cavalry Division Newspaper ( SABER), and the 15th Med BN Association's new website,

The turnout was incredible! A total of 42 veterans attended; along with spouses, family, and guests, over 80 people from 21 states were there! For many veterans, this was their first reunion , and many had not attended for many years.

Attached is a group photo and identification of the veterans in attendance.

The Red Lion Hotel is a superb reunion/convention facility with a spectacular view of Capitol Lake and the Washington State Capitol. Rooms were spacious and luxurious for a daily group rate of only $94/ night. A free hot breakfast was available for guests every morning. Service to guests in all areas was outstanding.

There was never a dull moment at the reunion. When participants were not on one of the tours or at a meeting, or group dinner, they could always go to the Hospitality Room and visit with old friends and make new ones.

Tours included the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field (85 historic air and spacecraft) , the LeMay Family Auto Collection (over 2,500 vintage cars, trucks and other vehicles), , NW Helicopters ( 200, 000 SF of hangar space filled with helicopters) , and the Olympic Flight Museum (historic rotary and fixed-wing aircraft and other flight memorabilia).

There was a group dinner Tuesday-Saturday evening, with a Banquet Barbeque Dinner on Friday night with music by an outstanding group, the Oly Mountain Boys bluegrass band.

A Saturday auction of donated items raised almost $3,000 for the Assn. The auction lived up to its reputation as being fun and lively.

Some review comments by participants were :"We had a blast" "Never seen such a fun auction at reunions" "Fantastic reunion," "BBQ banquet and entertainment fantastic" "Tour options great."

Even the Red Lion Hotel Staff said, "We never had such a fun group in attendance!"

Quoting Larry Ash, Medevac Door Gunner, 70-71, who was unable to attend the reunion for health reasons,“Only a very special event in one's life can continue to bring so many together so long afterwards. "So that others may live...." That pretty well sums up the 15th Medical BN Assn. Reunions!

Front row:
Larry Hatch, Art Martin, Leo Williams, Bob McKinley, Bill Haistings, Jim Calibro, Richard Schroder, Randy Cavanaugh, Clyde Moore

Subsequent rows:
Rudy Peden, Tom Grove, Larry Silvey, Jim Victor, Randy Burkhart, Dennis Guthrie, Rich Leonard, Barry Brown, Larry Norris, Jim Hall, Dave Huser, Damien Vierra, , Jim Ong, Ken Colby, Jim Fergusen, Mike Smith, Terry McCarl, Richard Medlock, Jon Lundquist, Ron (HUEY) Huether, Fred McKeller, Ron Ingram, Henry Land, Ken Moro

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