2006 Reunion

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President—Jim Calibro
Vice President — Richard (Tiny) McMellon
Treasurer -Robert McKinley
Alt Replacement — John Crespi


Secretary — Maurice "Corky" Walsh
Database Operator/Webmaster — Murray Gibbs
Search Coordinator — John Crespi
Reunion Coordinator— Gary Andrews
Historians - Paul Troop, Fred Keller, Lee Caubarreaux & Jim Hall
Other appointments may be made at the President's discretion,


Reunion Minutes — 2006 Meeting
Reno, Nevada

The meeting was called to order by President Murry Gibbs on the Balcony of the hospitality room at the Sands Casino/Hotel, in Reno,
Nevada. President Gibbs introduced the 2005-2006 Officers of the 15 Med. Association. We all silently prayed one minute for the departed members who passed away.

Members present introduced themselves.

Old Business:

  • John Crespi updated members present on the 15th Medevac patch.

  • The order for the 15 Med. challenge coins was completed, Bob McKinley reported 100 coins were ordered and most of them have been sold to members and he will have to order more.

New Business; President Gibbs reported:

  •  The CAB passed through congress.

  • Randy Brewer thanked the 15 Med. for our help from Katrina.

  • John Crespi is going to check on the Air Assault Badge and find out if he will be issued to qualifying members at the next general meeting.

  • Treasurer Bob McKinley passed out copies of the treasury report for 2005-2006. The checking Acct. balance at the start of the 2006 reunion was $4,597.18, after expenses the ending balance on 24 June 2006 was $2,020.18. A copy of the treasury report is attached for reference.

  • Bob McKinley made a motion, 2nd by Corky Walsh, to rescind the motion that our reunion be held every other year (odd years) in conjunction with the 15t Cavalry Division reunion at Ft. Hood Killeen, Texas. By show of hands the members voted to rescind this motion. Motion passed.

  • The 1st Calvary Division reunion for 2007 will be held in Riverside, California.

  • Members voted to hold the 2007 reunion in Dayton, Ohio, sometime between May & June 07. Gary Andrews will be the reunion coordinator assisted by Murray Gibbs. Paul Troop also volunteered to help with the 2007 reunion.

Nominations were opened for the 2006-2007 officers. Bob McKinley made a motion, 2nd by Mike Smith to rotate officers every year. Motion passed.

President; Corky Walsh nominated Jim Calibro, motion was 2nd by Murray Gibbs. The members present voted unanimously.

Vice President; Mike Smith declined nomination. (he was to busy with DAV). Dan Korty declined nomination. (Said, he needed to get his feet wet first as this was his first reunion) John Crespi nominated Tiny Mellon, 2nd by Murray Gibbs. The members present voted unanimously.

Alt Replacement; Jim Calibro nominated John Crespi 2nd by Bob McKinley, all members present voted unanimously.

Jim Calibro nominated Bob McKinley for a 4th term as Treasurer. Motion was 2nd by Corky Walsh. Bob was elected unanimously.

President Calibro appointed Maurice (Corky) Walsh as Secretary,

President Calibro also made the following appointments:

  • Search Coordinator — John Crespi

  • Database/Webmaster — Murray Gibbs

  • News Letter- Murray Gibbs

  • Historians — Paul Troop, Jim Hall, Fred MC Keller & Leroy Caubarreaux

New appointed position; Ladies auxiliary coordinator; Holly Calibro

Being no further business, the meeting was adjoined until the 2007 Reunion in Dayton, Ohio.


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