2014 Reunion

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2014 Reunion Minutes
15th Medical Battalion Association Orlando, FL

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order on April 5, 2014 at 0900 hours at the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel by President Corky Walsh.
The Master of Arms, Dan Korty confirmed all members present or accounted for (Some members chose not to stay for the General Meeting).
Master of Arms, Dan Korty also led the membership in the pledge of allegiance.
We had a moment of silent prayer for departed members and for those in distress.

Previous Minutes

The Secretary - Jim Calibro read the 2013 minutes.

Past President Art Jacobs made a motion to correct the minutes in regards to his research for the 501(c)3. This issue was omitted from the 2013 minutes. The motion was 2nd by Gary Turner and this issues was corrected.
Dan Toothman made a motion to accept the minutes, 2nd by Henry Land. Motion carried.

Officer Reports

Secretary - No new business.

Treasurer - Bob McKinley updated members on the 2013-2014 finances. Henry Land made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report. 2nd by Mike Smith. Motion carried.

No other Officers reports given.

Committee Reports

Reunion -Reunion Coordinator Leo Williams reported 21 members present at the general meeting and he received 32 registrations attending the reunion.

Webmaster - Murray Gibbs said his report "was the same as last year." He reported 7 new members and overall membership stands at 722.

Historian/Chaplain - John Crespi wasn't present due to illness.

Mike Smith, 2016 reunion chairman gave us an update for the upcoming reunion in Boise, ID.

Old Business

Art Jacobs made his report on the 501(c)3. After researching this issue he recommend we drop it as it's not beneficial to us. Dave Huser made a motion that we accept Art Jacobs' recommendation. 2nd by Henry Land. Motion carried.

 No other old business.

New Business

Art Jacobs made a motion to make General Tuner's family honorary members Seconded by Fred McKeller. Motion carried.

Murray Gibbs made a motion for honorary membership to Jamie Gregg, niece of Johnny Greg who was KIA 26 Nov. 1968, Motion carried.

Henry Land made a motion that the 15th Medical Association donate a $500.00 scholarship fund to the 1st Cavalry Division in memory of General Gutherie Tuner. 2nd by Art Jacobs. Motion carried.

Art Jacobs will be the reunion coordinator for the 2017 reunion in Peru, IN,

President's Announcements

August 8-9, 2014 Mini reunion to be held at American Huey 369 in Peru, IN.

Elected Officers

President - Leo Williams
Vice President - Mike Smith
2nd Vice President - Larry Hatch
Treasurer - Dave Huser
Secretary - Jim Calibro


Historian - John Crespi
Chaplain - John Crespi
Webmaster - Murray Gibbs
Master of Arms - Dan Korty
Photographer - Clyde Moore
Parliamentarian - Art Jacobs
Snail Mail - Norm Roberge


1yr - Art Jacobs
2yr - Corky Walsh
Reunion Coordinator - Mike Smith
Ladies Auxiliary - Linda Jackson
Being no further business the meeting was adjoined until 2015.

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