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Date : 1/10/18
Rank : SP4
Unit(s) : 15 Medical
Position : Cook and supply
Callsign :
Served : Jan.1971 to Jan. 1972
Email :
Message : I was a cook with the 15 Med at Phouc Vinh in early 1971. I became very good friends with some of the door gunners / medics. You guys are some of the bravest men I have ever meet in my life. I was in Phouc Vinh until we moved down to Bein Hoa in March 1971. We worked 18 hours a day tearing down the hooches and burning them. If you were at Phouc Vinh in early 1971 do you remember Tom that was from Guam he was in Como.

Date : May 15, 2018
Rank : SGT
Unit(s) : Bravo Co., 2d Bn, 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div
Position : Infantry Squad Leader
Callsign : NA
Served : 1 April 1969 to March 27, 1970
Email :
Message : A short note to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the medics of the 1st Cavalry!! You guys were our lifeline! I was wondering if there is any history of a "hot" mission on October 24, 1969 in Tay Ninh Province? As I recall, Medevac had to use an extractor to remove casualties and the bird took a few hits! God bless you all and thanks again!

Date : 4/6/2018
Rank : SP4
Unit(s) : Co C, 15th Medical Battalion
Position : Medic
Callsign :
Served : April 1964-April 1966
Email :
Message : Hello all,
While browsing on the 15th web page photos, I noticed the picture on page 3 of Thomas Cole on front cover of time magazine.
The written part states "the 1st Cavalry Medic...".
For your information Thomas Cole was a 15th Medical Battalion Medic. I can't recall which company he was in but he is not listed on my list of Co. C . I remember when he was sent to an infantry unit for one month of rotation and also when he got back, sort of celebrity because of the photo.

Date : 6 Feb, 2018
Rank : PFC
Unit(s) : HHQ 1/5th Cavalry, First Cavalry Division
Position : Platoon Medic
Callsign :
Served : 1966 - 1967
Email :
Message : Looking for anyone who might have been in my class at Ft. Sam and went to Vietnam during my time there.

Date : Jan 9, 2018
Rank : SP5
Unit(s) : C Co.
Position : Cook
Callsign :
Served : 65-66
Email :
Message : Looking for anyone that might remember me. Call 603-237-5036.

Date : Dec. 14, 2017
Rank : E-4
Unit(s) : 1st Cav 2nd/8th
Position : M60 gunner
Callsign :
Served : Nov 70-71
Email :
Message : I was the M60 gunner involved in the Snipers in Box Canyon story in the War Stories page. Been looking for over 40 years so I could thank you for coming to our aid that day. It was just two platoons being ambushed and killed that day. I can not describe the amount of gun fire that day - this kid burned up a barrel on the M60. Thank you again.

Date : 11/14/17
Rank : Then SP5
Unit(s) : Medevac
Position : medic
Callsign :
Served : Late 1970 thru late 1971
Email :
Message : Just stopping by -- not sure when the page was redone, but looks good... I'm getting to the age when I can vividly recall many things that undoubtedly never happened, so it was good to thumb through actual "happenings..."
-- Larry
Colonial Beach, VA

Date : 9/23/17
Rank : CPT MSC
Unit(s) : ?
Position : Social Worker
Callsign :
Served : ? to 7/15/68
Email :
Message : Hello. I'm looking for information about my uncle Armand A. Sylvestre. He was killed in an accident on 7/15/68 in Thua Thien. I was four when he died and was told that he was in a tent with at least one other man and that they were run over and killed by an Army vehicle. I've been obsessed with Armand and the Vietnam War my entire life. If anyone remembers him or anything about how he was killed, I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you.
April Peront
Grantham, NH

Date : July 4, 2017
Rank : SP5
Unit(s) : 114 AHC
Position : Flight Opns
Callsign :
Served : 1970-71
Email :
Message : My previous e-mail address,, no longer receives messages. It does however remains good for receiving PayPal payments. My NEW e-mail address is Thank you, John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta

Date : May 8, 2017
Rank : SP5
Unit(s) : 114 AHC
Position : Flight Opns
Callsign :
Served : 1970-71
Email :
Message : Here's some exciting news from aviation author John Brennan: my 6th Vietnam War helicopter book, Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art, will be released on September 28th, 2017, from Fonthill Media. The approximate photo count will likely be around 295. Let me know by email at  if you would like to receive pre-sale ordering instructions towards the purchase of an author-signed copy of this book ($28.95). Thank you for helping me document our Army aviation history. Always, John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta.

Date : 9-20-16
Rank : SP5
Unit(s) : 114 AHC
Position : Flight Opns
Callsign :
Served : 1970-71
Email :
Message : Gentlemen, 4,000+ copter names recorded! Signed copies of, "Vietnam War, U.S. Army Helicopter Names, Vol 2, Second Edition" will be available from the author on October 2nd. Featuring 40 additional pages of text, 284 newly found copter Names, 3 new b+w photos and 2 new color pics. E-mail for ordering instructions. Rotors forever. PS The Vol 3 helicopter photo-book is slated for a late 2017 publishing date.

Date: May 13, 2016
Rank: SP5
Name: Rick Dailey
Unit: HSC, 15th Med
Position/Job: Air Maintenance then Crew Chief then Platoon Clerk
Dates Served: August '69 - Aug '70
Message: Been watching this site for a while and it looks like you old guys are still having fun. I took over the crash rescue ship #497 from Sully when he DEROS'd in October '69, lost it January 6, '70 near Tay Ninh, got brand new ship (#459) and flew until May. Sherman Breeden took my ship when I stopped flying. Can't remember who the old clerk was in the Air Platoon but he went home and Mr. Dyke brought me in and I worked in the Maintenance office until I went back to the World August 19th, '70. I recognize a lot of the names on the roster and it is good to know that many of you are still kickin'!

Date: April, 14, 2016
Rank: CPT
Name: Dean W Stoller
Unit: 15th Med Bn,
Position/Job: 3100 General Medical Officer
Dates Served: 6/1970 to 4/1971
Message: Would like to submit a few appropriate photos and was not sure I could do so unless vetted. Served as Battalion Surgeon for 8th Engineers for 1st half of my tour and at the 15th Med clearing station in Phouc Vinh.

Date: April 11, 2016
Rank: 1LT
Name: Thomas (Tom) W. Garnella
Unit: Company C 15th Medical Battalion
Position/Job: Logistics
Dates Served: January 1970-January 1971
Message: What a thrill the last 72 hours have been. Dean Stoller, M.D. found me through Google. Dean and I worked together in Phouc Vinh and April 9, 2016 was the first time since January 1971 we had connected. He, in turn, assisted me in finding CPT Joel K. Chase who was my Infantry OCS Tac Officer and who, by the grace of God, came into the aid station of Company C at FSB Buttons in June 1970. CPT  Chase had sustained significant wounds after a heroic and victorious battle in Cambodia. And, finally, Dr. Stoller brought this Web site to my attention and I see that then-CPT  Jon Lundquist with whom I served at FSB Buttons is a member of this group. In addition I understand there are two other members from Hemet, CA, which is the community my wife and I live. Not to end here, I have learned than LTG Becker is a member; he was our Battalion CO in VN. I have now e-mail LTG Becker. So, like I said, the last 72 hours have been OUTSTANDING. Hope my application will be accepted. I would be very pleased if Jon Lundquist would be able to contact me, too. Hope you all have a great reunion, a reunion that I just learned about on April 11, 2016.

Thomas W. Garnella, Ed.D.

Date: 02/14/2016
Rank: Then CW2
Name: Brian Russ
Unit: C Btry 2/20 and A Btry 2?20
Position/Job: Cobra pilot
Callsign: Blue Max 68
Dates Served: 1970-1971
Message: I was one of the Blue Max pilots at "Medevac Meadows" in Cambodia on May 24th 1970.

Date: 02/10/2016
Rank: SP4
Name: Valerio Dobrich
Unit: Co. C 15th medical Bn
Position/Job: Medic/cook
Dates Served: 1964-66
Message: Thank you all for your courageous and dedicated service. God loves you!
It's been 50 years for me. We open the AnKeh camp in 1965 with only pup tents and C ration.

Date: 2/8/16
Rank: Captain
Name: James C Lonon
Unit: 15th Medical Battalion
Position/Job: DMSO
Dates Served: August, 1968-August, 1969
Message: Glad to see "old" 15th Med members now have an organization that cares!! 

Date: 25 Jan 2016
Rank: WO1 / CW5 Retired
Name: Barry L Brown
Unit: 15th Med Bn
Position/Job: Medevac Pilot
Callsign: MEDEVAC 23
Dates Served: 7/70 - 5/71
Message: Great Web site, scrolling thru it saw I needed to send in an address correction (no wonder I never hear anything) from my old military address. I finally retired in 2010 after a tour in Iraq.

Barry Brown
2014 NW Cottonwood Dr
McMinnville, Oregon 97128
cell 971-6768-5765

Date: 21 December 2015
Rank: 1LT
Name: Terry A. McCarl
Unit: HSC 15th Medical BN
Position/Job: Division Sanitarian
Dates Served: 11/68-11/69
Message: Congratulations on the new Web site to Webmaster Ron “Huey” Huether! It is coming along really well, and is a first-rate Web site.

I am immensely proud to have been a member of 15th Med and the 1st Cav. I never stayed in the Army, but of the various jobs that I have had during my working career (ended 2011), by far, 15th Med had the most admirable, dedicated, and courageous people that I was ever privileged to work with. I was impressed with everything about 15th Med, the Medevac crews that risked their necks routinely to rescue the wounded, seemingly without regard for their own personal safety; the doctors, medics, and various medical specialists who worked tirelessly to save lives; Aircraft Maintenance that kept the aircraft flying; the dentists, optometrists, social workers, psychiatrists, veterinarians, preventive medicine people, medical supply, administration; people that kept us fed, watered and clothed; and everyone else that had a part to play. Special tribute to those who gave all!

Date: 25 November 2015
Rank: MSG (Retired)
Name: Richard L. Schroder
Unit: B Co. 15th Med Bn (FSB Buttons, Song Be, Phuoc Binh Province
Position/Job: 91C20 Clinical Specialist (E-5)
Dates Served: Nov. 1969 to Oct. 1970
Message: I served with B Co., 15th Med. Bn. at Song Be, Phuoc Binh Province from Nov. 1969 to Oct. 1970. In addition to my 91C duties, I also served as the dispenser of medications during sick call and I was also responsible for MedCap duties. I served with some fine doctors while there including CPTs Paul Parkey, Jon Lundquist and John Henderson. during the last year, I have had the opportunity to communicate via email with Drs. Lundquist and Henderson and with Spec. Jim Amicone who was our clerk in the treatment bunker. I am hoping to attend the next reunion in Washington with my wife Patricia. We were married 5 months prior to my leaving for Vietnam.

Date: November 20, 2015
Rank: SP5
Name: Robert "Bob" Owens
Unit: 15th Med Bn.
Position/Job: Worked as a medic on the wards & as a lab tech
Callsign: n/a
Dates Served: Oct. 1970- March 1971
Message: Hello: I saw the reunion info. in the American Legion magazine. I transferred to the 15th Med. Bn. from the 9th Inf. Div. Was wondering if anyone has info. on either Joe Leese or Bob Sufficool? I served with them in the 15th.

If anyone is interested, I have also written 2 novels about my experiences in Vietnam, "Pointman" & "Pointman II."

Please let me know if you have any contact info. for Leese or Sufficool.

Thank you!

Date: 11/20/15
Rank: I don't know
Name: Mike Brian
Unit: 2nd 3rd Calvary D Troop, Phan Thiet close to South China Sea
Position/Job: Gunner
Dates Served: 1969-1970s
Message: Hey fellas so glad you're out there. Does anyone know know what happened to my unit after I left? appreciate it.

Date: 10/24/2015
Rank: SP5
Name: Maurice Walsh ( Corky)
Unit: 15th Medical Battalion
Position/Job: 67N20 Crewchief/Door gunner
Dates Served: 1 Jan 1967-3Jan 1968
Message: Thank you for the new Web site. Super and easy to navigate. I came to 15th Med. 1/1/1967, worked maintenance until April than got my first bird. I flew until I left Vietnam on the 3rd of Jan. 1968. I am proud of all the men who served before me and after I left the unit. We are all brothers and no one can dispute this. I think about everyone each day and have the highest praise for everyone in the 15th Medical Battalion.

Date: 10-22-2015
Rank: SFC
Name: James C Calibro
Unit: 15th Med. Bn/Medevac-1st Cav. Div
Callsign: Triple Nickel (Nickname)
Dates Served: 6/66-6/68
Message: Huey what an awesome site. Keep it up.
I went over as a stevedore assigned to a medical unit and was drafted into Medevac as a door gunner on my first day in the unit. Ya!!! I know, buts it's the Army way. MOS 55A10 converted to a 11B2F.

Date: 22 Oct 15
Rank: 1LT
Name: Ron (HUEY) Huether
Unit: Medevac
Callsign: Medevac 2
Dates Served: 70-71
Message: I had a ball flying Medevac with the best crews a "wobbly one" could ask for. Was really fortunate to always come back with the same number of crewmembers alive as I left on the mission with. The guys in the back did a tremendous job making sure my magnet ass got to the real world in one piece. Welcome home guys...welcome home!

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