1999 Reunion

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President- Sherman Breeden
Vice President- Mark Holladay Treasurer - Jim Ferguson


Secretary - Ron (Huey) Huether
Master of Arms - Mike Smith
Historian – Larry Ash
Photographer - Dan Brady
Reunion Coordinator - Jim Ramsey
Other appointments made at the President’s discretion.

1999 - 15th Medical Battalion Minutes

The second business meeting of the 15th Medical Battalion Association was convened on 1 May 1999 in Las Vegas, NV.
The meeting was called to order by President Sherman (Snore) Breeden.

A draft Association charter was presented by Secretary Ron (HUEY) Huether. A lengthy discussion followed as the Association members reviewed each chapter and suggested changes.

The amended Association charter will be presented to the Association members as the 2000 reunion for final approval.

The name of the Association was discussed. It was voted that the Association name would not be Medevac Association but would be the 15th Medical Battalion Association and membership would be opened to other members of the 15th Medical Battalion besides Medevac members.
Discussion followed as to where and when the next reunion would be. It was decided that reunions would be during the summer months, after school lets out, so Association members may bring their family and make a vacation out of coming to the reunion.

Jim Ramsey volunteered to be the Reunion Chairman if the reunion was held in San Antonio, TX, A vote was conducted and San Antonio, was approved for the next reunion.

Submitted by
Ron (HUEY) Huether


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