2002 Reunion

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President - Corky Walsh
Vice President – Elden Ideius
Treasurer Jim Ramsey


Secretary - Larry Ash
Data Base Operator - Denny Cherry
Reunion Coordinator - Bob McKinley
Other appointments may be made at the President's discretion.

15th Med Association
Minutes - 2002 Meeting Denver, CO

The meeting was called to order by President, Mike Smith in the lobby of The Oxford Hotel, since there was no viable meeting room in which business could be transacted.

Old Business was the continuation of our quest to obtain treasury from Past-Treasurer, Jim Ferguson, President Mike Smith confirmed that he had received the treasury from Mr. Ferguson, as well as, the financial records. Unfinished business, also, included reimbursing Jim Ramsey for the flowers sent to Sherman Breeden's funeral. Mr. Ramsey stated that he would like to make this expenditure a donation to the Association. He was informed that this was his privilege.

In New Business, Larry Ash made a notion to add an amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws to make the Treasurer's position an elected office. Motion was seconded by Corky Walsh and, after discussion was adopted unanimously. Said Amendment may be viewed along with the Constitution and By-Laws.

Motion was made by Larry Ash, seconded by Elden Ideius to suspend the order of business to elect new offices for the term, 2002 2003.

Larry Ash nominated Corky Walsh as President. There was a motion to close nominations by Jim Calibro. The Secretary cast on unanimous vote for Corky Walsh as President. He was elected unanimously.

Corky Walsh nominated Elden Ideius as Vice President. There was a motion to close nominations by Jim Ramsey. The Secretary cast on unanimous vote for Elden Ideius as Vice President. He was elected unanimously.

Larry Ash nominated Jim Ramsey as Treasurer. There was a motion to close nominations by Elden Ideius. The Secretary cast one unanimous vote for Jim Ramsey as Treasurer. He was elected unanimously.

Since no one would volunteer for the position of Secretary, Larry Ash, reluctantly, agreed to fill the position for the term, or until the President
should appoint a new Secretary. The Secretary's Office is by appointment of the President and serves at the President's pleasure.

The President, Corky Walsh, indicated that Bob McKinley would host next year's reunion in Orlando, FL. Mr. McKinley will work with the VFW the President and others to ensure a successful reunion in Orlando. The reunion will be held the weekend of Father's Day in June. There was unanimous agreement.

 Pat Martin brought up the issue of Korean Veterans of the 15th Med being able to attend our reunions. Secretary, Larry Ash stated that the Past President, Mike Smith had nixed this idea earlier. After much discussion, it was decided that we are an organization of inclusion and that Korean Vets would be welcomed to our reunions. The resolution was adopted.

Jim Ramsey brought up the fact that many relatives of deceased members of the 15th Med would like communications with those who knew their loved ones. He also stated that these relatives should be eligible and should receive invitations to our reunions. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

Elden Ideius made a motion for adjournment until the 2003 business meeting. Seconded by Larry Ash. Motion carried, unanimously.

Larry L. Ash


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