2007 Reunion

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Officers 2007 2008


President — Richard "Tiny" Mellon
Vice President - John Crespi
Treasurer — Robert McKinley
Alt Replacement - Fred McKeller


Secretary James Calibro
Database Operator/Webmaster — Murray Gibbs
Search Coordinator - John Crespi
Reunion Coordinator — Randy Brewer
Historians — Paul Troop (Chaplin), Fred McKeller, Lee Caubarreaux & Jim Hall
Snail Mail Sender — Norm Roberge
Ladies Aux Coordinator - Holly Calibro

Other appointments may be made at the President's discretion.


The meeting was called to order by President Jim Calibro in the hospitality room at the Double Tree Hotel in Dayton, Ohio. President Calibro introduced the 2006-2007 officers and we went around the room and members introduced themselves.

Open prayer was led by Chaplin Paul Troop. We prayed silently one minute for departed members and for members in distress.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Bob McKinley reported on the 15th Med Assoc. finances for the previous year 2006-2007.


1. Paul Troop was appointed Chaplain at his request.
2. Paul Troop reported he was re-searching through the archives in Washington DC regarding old records for the 15th Medical Battalion from VN 1965-1972. He will continue his re-search for the upcoming year 2007-2008 & update our membership at the next general meeting in 2008.


Members present voted to hold our next reunion in Biloxi MS. in early April 2008. Randy Brewer will be the reunion coordinator.


President: Tiny Mellon accepted the nomination for President, according to the 15th Med. Assoc. by-laws and constitution.

Vice President: John Crespi accepted the nomination for Vice President according to the 15th Med. Assoc. by-laws and constitution.

Treasurer: Bob McKinley was elected unanimously for his 5th term as Treasurer

Nomination for Att. Replacement: Jim Calibro nominated Fred McKeller for Alt. Replacement Officer motioned was 2nd by John Crespi. Members present voted unanimously. Fred McKellar was elected to this position.

President Tiny Mellon made the following appointments.
Secretary: Corky Walsh
Search Coordinator: John Crespi
Database, Webmaster & Newsletter Coordinator: Murray Gibbs
Historians: Paul Troop, Jim Hall & Leroy Caubarreaux
SnailMail Coordinator: Norm Roberge
Ladies Auxiliary Coordinator: Holly Calibro
Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
The next General meeting will be held in Biloxi, MS. April 2008.

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