2012 Reunion

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 15th Med Association Officers 2012 - 2013


President - Art Jacobs
Vice President - Maurice "Corky" Walsh
Treasurer - Robert McKinley
Alt Replacement - Leo "Short Round" Williams


Secretary - James Calibro
Database Operator/Webmaster - Murray Gibbs
Search Coordinator - Committee
Reunion Coordinator - Jim Calibro
Historians - Pete Milford (Chaplin), John Crespi
Snail Mail Sender - Norm Roberg
Treasurer Auditors - David & Fred McKellar
Ladies Aux Coordinator - Valerie
Other appointments may be made at the President's discretion.

Reunion Minutes 2012
Franklin, Tennessee

The general meeting called to order at 0900 hrs. by President Dave Huser the conference room of Marriott's Hotel Franklin, TN. Sergeant at Arms Bobby Brooks led the Association in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Association members bowed their heads for one minute of silent prayer to honor our departed members and for those in distress.



The Secretary read the minutes from the previous year. Dave Huser made a motion to accept the minutes as read, 2nd by Corky Walsh. Motion was voted on and accepted.


Bob McKinley reported on the Med Association finances for 2011-2012. Bob has kept excellent records on our finances since 2002, his records are available upon request with the approval of our One Year Trustee, Two Year Trustee, or the President. Dan Korty made a motion, 2nd by Jerry Dick to accept the treasure's report as read. The motion voted on and accepted.


Reunion Coordinator Art Jacobs, reported that 97 members are present for the current reunion and 52 members are currently present the general meeting.

Ladies Auxiliary Coordinator Valerie Huser reported on her work in progress - (Snail mail going out and updating the auxiliary roster).

Crespi gave report on flags purchased since 2011, military protocol, and the honor guard.

Gibbs reputed on processing documents he previously obtained and the Med. Web site.




Art Jacobs made a motion that Smith's perfect attendance record attending the reunions remain intact since he was on a good will mission to Vietnam in 2010 unable to make the meeting, This motion was 2nd by Leo Williams. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Art Jacobs reported on forming committee to review and update the Constitution & Laws for the Med. Association. Leo made a motion to accept, Corky 2nd by Corky Walsh. The membership voted and the motion passed unanimously.

The committee will consist of President Art Jacobs, Past Presidents Mike Smith & Fred McKellar. The committee will make a report at the 2013 reunion.

It was voted to hold the 2013 reunion in Old Sacramento, CA. Jim Calibro will be the Reunion Coordinator.


Leo Williams will be the 2014 Reunion Coordinator in FL.

2012-2013 OFFFICERS

President - Art Jacobs
Vice President - Walsh
Alt Replacement - Leo Williams
Treasurer - Bob McKinley (10th term)


Secretary - Jim Calibro
Database/Webmaster & Newsletter Coordinator - Murray Gibbs
Sargent At Arms - Bobby Brooks
Historian - John Crispi

 Search Committee - Chairmen Art Jacobs, Fred McKellar Murray Gibbs
Chaplain Pete - Mulford
Snail Mail Coordinator - Norm Roberge
2013 Reunion Coordinator - Jim Calibro
One Year Trustee - Jim Belair
Two Year Trustee - Dave Huser
Ladies Auxiliary Coordinator - Valarie Huser
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned until April 2013.

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