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2005 Jan-Feb

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

Paul LA GRONE PLMODESTO@MSN.COM of Modesto, CA signs in: "HHC 15th MED, 3-'68 to 11-'69; Hi all, anyone ever hear from Doug HARO, Bill FARR, Ray ZEPP..? Take care."

Bernard SHIVELY BSHIV@WEBTV.NET from Orlando, FL comments: "Served in H&H Co., 15th MED from Apr '54 to Sep '55 in medical supply."

Donald E. LANE SARGEANTLANE@MSN.COM , West Lafayette, IN, wrote, "Was a lowly Spec. Five with HHC 15th MED Bn., Apr '66 thru Apr '67. Was a great outfit!!! Lot of good and bad memories !#**?..."

Skip ROZELLE SROZELLE@HOUSTON.RR.COM e-mailed: "Mike You don't know me, but I decided I'd raise a request for help locating someone while reading SABER Sept\Oct 2004. I commanded D 1-7th Cav in late '70-'71, working out of Phouc Vinh (rear) and FB Green.

"In an action taking place on 28 Jan 71, RVN, two brave MEDEVAC pilots made several runs into a hot situation to extract several of my men and me. I later met one of them in the hospital at Bien Hoa, but the years have blocked the name.

"Is there any facility available you can think of that stands a chance of success in locating these heroes? I realize I have given you only a sketch, but will provide as much as I can if you think it might help. I'll stand by for your response, or at minimum look forward to meeting you in Killeen this June. In advance, my sincere thanks... Garryowen." Samuel H. ARMES AGREYHORSE1@AOL.COM sends: "I am member of this great div. and I enjoy reading the comments that other members send in. But, I'm really hoping to come across some of the troopers I served with in the 15th MED Bn. from May '63-June '64. If any of you guys are out I would love to hear from you. James (Jim ADAMS) from PA, drop me a line and the rest of you guy from the Bn."

Glenn MILLER GLENN383@PTD.NET of Lords Valley, PA signed in. He says that he served with A Co. 15th MED in '66.

Bruce PLUMB PLUMBCRAZY22@COMCAST.NET from Brownstown, MI was a crew chief and said, "Served 1-'68 to 5-'68 at Camp Evans, & 2-'69 to 9-'69 at Tay Ninh, Quan Loi, aircraft 449 with Gunner MEGEEHEE."

Mike MATTHEWS MIKEMATTHEWS98@YAHOO.COM , Hood River, OR wrote to say, "Looking for a Medic that served with B Btry. 1-30 ARTY IN '69 - '70. In need of some help with a comp claim."

L. Don BARTON MUDMEDIC70@HOTMAIL.COM , MEDEVAC PSG '70, dropped a line to keep in touch. I inquired of him about the following:

I got a letter from Gerald D. MCDANIEL, an E 2-5 Cav 11C, '69-'70, who mentioned an incident to me that happened on Jan.  05, '70. Their E Company recon walked into a bunker complex, made heavy contact, and their D Company went out to take over.

I also spoke to Gerald on the phone after I had received his snail mail, because he doesn't use a computer. A hometown friend of Gerald's, Tom MOORE, was a Medic in D 2-5 at the time. Gerald said that he said good-bye to Tom on Tom's way out with D 2-5, and it was the last time, because Tom was KIA, and put in for the CMOH.

I wanted to jog anyone's memory on this, if they were in MEDEVAC at the time. Those like gunners Tater and tater, or MEDEVAC 121, etc. This probably was covered by those flying out of Tay Ninh, at the time.

Gerald told me the story, that he got a lot of information from the 2-5 Cav Daily Journal, and Lt. (ret.) James H. HOLCOMBE of C 2-5 Cav, whom I had just e-mailed. Jim said that he would get back to me with some photos, which he did.

The story goes that MEDEVAC had hoisted one wounded through the trees, and trying for another but got hit by a B-40. The MEDEVAC went down, injuring all of the crew.

A pilot had a broken back, the 1st wounded trooper was killed, and the 2nd trooper being hoisted was crushed under the MEDEVAC. D 2-5 Medic Tom MOORE was WIA at the time and waiting to get Medevaced. About 30 minutes later, MEDEVAC 14 tried to extract all but suffered a blade strike and had to make an emergency landing nearby.

About an hour later, MEDEVAC 26 was able to extract some of the wounded. But, D 2-5 Medic Tom MOORE succumbed to his wounds, and died before he could be extracted.

Tom MOORE was posthumously awarded the DSC. He was cited for saving the life of his plt. leader. Gerald says that in 2002, Ft. Hood dedicated it's newest, and largest medical clinic in honor of Tom MOORE. His DSC citation can be read at: HTTP: moore.htm DSCs-CAV>

Gerald mentioned that James Holcombe was a Lt. in D 2-5 but I found him listed as C 2-5 on the Angry Skipper Web site 1st Cav locator. I had contacted the C 2-5 Web master and he sent James' e-mail address to me: JHHOLCOMBE@ATT.NET

I don't recall even hearing of this incident, but I had just joined MEDEVAC, then, in Jan. '70. But, there must be '69-'70 MEDEVAC members who remember this, and know the personnel involved.

Who was the MEDEVAC that went down? Who was MEDEVAC 14 and MEDEVAC 26? Which crew members were involved, and hurt? All knowledgeable please respond.

Pat MARTIN,'69-'70 crew chief, MEDEVAC121 notifies us: "I am going to make an effort to have my book in at least first draft by the end of 2005. But, I need help and this is what I need:

"1. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all MEDEVAC crew members and operational support personal who were involved in the Cambodian Incursion from May 1, 1970, until the end of June 1970.

"2. Any Incidents/Missions/Information that happened during this period including our maintenance and operations support people.

"3. I would like to get pictures of the places the air crews flew out of; for Tay Ninh, Quan Loi, Song Be, Katum, and Phuoc Vinh. I'd also like to get other pictures taken during the period such as crew photos, and aircraft photos. I have a high dollar scanner that I can scan them for you and I will get them back to you if you don't have a way to send them over the net.

"The book is more of a documentary about MEDEVAC during the Cambodian Incursion (that's what the government called it) and I am writing it in a diary format i.e.: May 1, May 2 ---- etc., so if there are any days you especially remember, and have a story to tell, give it to me and I will try and include it. "I also would like to find as many aircraft records as possible, and any Daily or Morning Reports for the period. If you can help in any way it would be appreciated, and all those that have, I want to thank you as I'm not yet finished.

"I have also tossed around the idea of sending a tape player around with a questionnaire to follow to help me get information; what does everyone think?  Last but not least, if you're not into talking to a tape or sending an e-mail, how about a visit from me?"

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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