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1999 Nov-Dec

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

This will be the last of these columns, for this millennium. How many times recently have you heard that in reference to everything? Probably, more times than you have heard: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or free exercise thereof;..."

This later phrase is from my sacred scripture, the Constitution of the United States. If the First Amendment to the Constitution is as it says, and it is, then there should legally be no third millennium based on a religious figure. But, we are bound by our culture and we must deal with the rest of the world as well as our own ignorance, to survive.

The first modern measurement of time was the Julian calendar, introduced by Julius Caesar. That first use of 365 days for a year, or an Earthly orbit of our Sun, was slightly corrected with a leap year by the Catholic Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 as the Gregorian calendar and was adopted by America in 1752 as the New Style calendar which is now what is in use.

Our numbering of the years based on an individual's life corresponds directly to the last two thousand years which has been, to anyone who is aware, the Piscean Age which is characteristically clouded in mysticism. That now is nothing but a bad memory and the Aquarian Age which we are presently starting, whether we realize it or not, is accurately symbolized by the water barer pouring out the waters of enlightenment, thus Aquarius, and is characterized by that enlightenment, as well as altruism, and social groups working for change for the better.

When I think back on First Cav MEDEVAC I think of those Aquarian characteristics because altruism was the key word. Everyone on MEDEVAC whom I knew, EVERYONE, had that sense of altruism. It was quite obvious and what we all felt, SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE.

As we live the beginning of the Aquarian Age despite any arbitrary start of our time measurement I would like to think that our country at least can apply that enlightened awareness to our betterment as well as that of all humanity and the principles of our Constitution which we always defend in our Army service.

I received an e-mail from Raymond BROUSSARD, a veteran of HHC 15th Medical Bn., Phouc Vinh and Quan Loi 6-69 to 12-69. He says, "I was assigned to the 15th Med as an auto repair parts specialist. I ended up driving the water truck: 5-ton tractor trailer with a 5,000 gallon tank separated into 2500 gallon halves. We supplied fresh water all over Phouc Vinh. My co- driver (whose name I cannot remember!) spent a good deal of time dodging snipers since we had to climb water towers of different heights. My problem is that I cannot remember any names.

I came home after the 1st Cavalry went into Cambodia and I lost touch. Very few people will remember me as Pvt. BROUSSARD, but [more will remember me] as Pvt. PEACHES. (It is a long story!) But, I would like to hear from any old Skytroopers from the HHC. Pvt. PEACHES."

He goes on to say, "I live in Shelbyville, KY at 718 Brown Ave., my Zip Code is 40065. Telephone (502)633-5303. I arrived in country June 8, 1969, at Bien Hoa, went through the 'training and zeroing my weapon.' A few days later I got on a Chinook and landed in Phouc Vinh. After some close calls from snipers I finally fell from a water tower and hurt my back. In addition I sustained a fractured skull and sternum in a racial confrontation. The combination led to me being sent home. In civilian life I had four major back surgeries with the final one a fusion. In addition, I served in the reserves with distinction as a senior medic: 5th Special Forces Group, 67th Support Bn., 4th Infantry Bde, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized). I earned Soldier of the Year in 1982 and Citizen Soldier of the Year in Nebraska. I have four children: Aaron, Andrew, Samuel, and Olivia. Life is good in Kentucky; I go to the Vet Center every week. PEACHES RMBROU4236@AOL.COM "

On Wednesday, 18 Aug 1999, Jack GILTINAN BLUEBAR@USA.NET  writes: "I am trying to locate a Sgt. OTTO who served with Charlie or Delta Company 2\5. He was wounded in action (Head Wound) at LZ Ike the summer of 69." Of course, anyone who can help Jack out, please do.

SNORE writes to us all that on 09\12\99 Mike PARSONS had passed away. SNORE says, "I do not have any further information at this time, but I will be posting it as soon as I receive it from Dave PARKS. Thanks, Dave, for the information."

I flew with Mike, as he was a door gunner and I got shot down with him, pilots Lt. Jack RODEN, Lt. John LONON, and crewchief John HODGES on March 2nd, 1970, northeast of Song Be. We all spent the night with our ARVN hosts and then we were extracted not all at once by a single manned LOH probably of C Troop 1\9 Cav. It is sad news to hear of Mike PARSON's passing; R.I.P. Mike!

Charles NORDAN CHARLES.NORDAN@DUKE.EDU from Hillsborough, North Carolina writes, "I was in the 1\5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division in 1966. I worked with you guys on several occasions. I'd be interested in speaking to anybody that was in country during 66-67."

One of my favorite people, Butch MCKITTRICK BUTCHMC@HOME.COM writes, "Crewchief 69--70--came to 15th Med Evac after 13 months with A229 Avn. Bn. Quang Tri to Tay Ninh 1st Cav." I remember flying with Butch once and I looked up at him in the Hell Hole to see painted on the back of his flight helmet the words, "Yankee go home and take me with you!"

When I e-mailed Butch I asked him about his fellow crewchief and Alabamian who was with us at the same time and close to Butch, but whom I and apparently everyone else always knew him only by his last name, DUCEY. Butch relayed the sad news to me that DUCEY had taken his own life some years back. Butch also told me that his full name was Stewart Kennan DUCEY.

DUCEY was apparently also in 229 AHB and Butch says that prior to that he came from a grunt outfit. All I know is that DUCEY was a great guy and that he will also be greatly missed by us all. Thanks to him and as I said and I will say again to Butch, thanks for also being MEDEVAC!

And, please, nobody else kill yourselves, no matter how bad it gets. That is an order, with a capital "F!" That is what reunions are for, so that you can always feel your worth with those who respect you.

(1SG Ret.) William MEEKS MEEKS_W@MSN.COM from: Troutdale, OR writes that he, "Was with 15th MEDEVAC #1 flew with CPT SCOFIELD, Mike SMITH was one of our Gunners. I was a medic from 68-69 then went to Japan. Then to Georgia then to Germany for 10 1/2 yrs. Then to Colorado for 3yrs, back to Germany for 3 yrs, back to Cal. NTC ran the ER. was there for 3 yrs, transferred to Ft. Lewis retired from there after Saudi. Received a call from Mike SMITH on 10\12\99 told about the Web site it brings back a lot of good times. Thanks"

James BELAIR called me on October 23rd. James is not a computer user presently so he has no e-mail address but he lives at 166 Mudjekeewis Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 (609)654-8108. James was an 11 Bravo in C 2\5 Cav '67-'68 and then flew as a door gunner on MEDEVAC from 6\68 to 1\69.  He later returned to MEDEVAC from 6\70 to 12\70 again as a door gunner. I am sure all in the FIRST TEAM would agree that is quite a display of LOYALTY AND COURAGE. With James I would also like to say thanks for also being MEDEVAC!

James called to inquire about the next MEDEVAC\15th Med Reunion. I would like to say that it is at the next 1st Cav Reunion but I cannot say that yet. I told James that I would print any information about it in this issue.

Coincidentally, Mike SMITH sent his new Web address: <HTTP: Medevac-Nam.html> Mike writes to all that: "From 1969 to 1970 I was a door gunner with 15th Med 1st Cav in Vietnam. Thirty years have past and I and some other people have been searching for other past members of the 15th Med to find out how they are and to try to get together for reunions.

The next reunion will be in San Antonio. Laquinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Market Square 9-11 June 2000 900 Delarosa San Antonio, TX 78207-4540 Tel#210-271-0001 fax#210-228-066 1-800-642-4239. Identify [yourself] as members of MEDEVAC Reunion party, conf#56790763. This has to be done no later than 5/8/00. Remember all members of 15th Med 1st Cav Vietnam are part of the reunion!!!!!!! E-mail me at MVANDCO@AOL.COM "

Al (BAUM) TANNENBAUM ALTANNENBAUM@WORLDNET.ATT.NET from Patchogue, NY writes, "Was in A Co 15th Med Bn Tay Ninh from Jan '69-Jan '70. Looking for old friends."

Mark DRAKE MARKADRAKE@PRODIGY.NET an X-ray technician in A Co. 15th Med in Tay Ninh from March '69 to May '70 writes in again and says, "Yo. Anyone in or attached to A Co. 15th Med 69 and 70 we are looking for you. Please E-mail me. I am starting a holiday list!!!!!! Duck." I previously had Mark living in Longmont County CA but that CO was not a county but Colorado. Mark's address is: 2191 Frontier Street, Longmont, CO 80501-0983 and by phone he is at (303)776-1344.

In closing I would like to mention that the Army News Watch mentions that the M-16 round is being deleted. It will now be called the "green bullet" or "green ammo."

The lead core is being replace with a tungsten-nylon core and is reported to be not only more environmentally friendly, but also more accurate in hitting any target, and they add that it causes a little less barrel erosion. The Army says that it will reduce by one million bullets this year and phase into full production by 2005. They will eventually replace the .50 caliber, nine millimeter, and then the 7.62 round.

For all those active duty members who are now conscientious objectors because you do not want to pollute the environment with lead you can now change your classification and join the real Army as they plan to be better stewards of the environment while they maintain the arsenal of democracy.

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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