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2002 Jan-Feb

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

Barry B. SNYDER <BARRYBS>of Houston, TX wrote in to say, "I am trying to contact anyone who served with the 15th MED Bn in 1965 or 1966. I was sent over with the 15th TC Bn, 1st Air Cav Div, (Airmobile) after the change from the 11th Air Assault Div to 1st."

Ron STRUB REDHOT_RON@HOTMAIL.COM of La Crescent, MN 55947 wrote in to mention, "I was with Co C, 15th MED at Fort Benning & Vietnam in '65 & 66'. I went to my 1st ever 1st Cav get together at Washington DC over Veterans Day for the Ia Drang reunion & it was great after 35 years. - Ron"

Larry L. ASH LASH@BLRG.TDS.NET 2\12 11B and MEDEVAC door gunner '70-'71 of 15th Med Association <HTTP: 15thmedassociation>signs in, "Once again I traveled here for solace and, now, solitude. Snore, I think it is at this time of year that I miss your presence most. I think of Anne, your wife of 100 years as well as Chris and his family; especially, Alyssa, whom you loved so very much. Once again, this holiday season, they are in our prayers. Rest well, my friend. LASH"

Cathy SALLENGER BSALNGR@FGI.NET wrote to say, "I am married to William J. SALLENGER, nephew of deceased Bill SALLENGER. Have heard many many stories about him. I know his memory is still very much alive in his family and friends." I had flown with the Mr. SALLENGER in 1970. He was one of our great MEDEVAC pilots-SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE. Television's The Army News Watch had an article about the Warrant Officer Candidate School. They showed how much the warrant officer candidates train to perfection. I personally never had any idea that they trained that way but I, like everyone else who have observed U.S. Army warrant officers on the job, know that they truely are perfection minded. SNORE's wife Anne MARYSHERMAN@JUNO.COM whose Home page title is: "Sunshine, Raindrops, and Unicorns" <HTTP: poetic1>typed, "I wish all the "brothers" and their loved ones a great New year. Thank you for keeping my family and me in your thoughts and for keeping in touch this very difficult year. You all meant so much to Snore and that makes you very special to me. Chris, Christy, Alyssa and I are looking forward to a great New Year as we move on."

Ruth BROOKS KADE JASMINE@STARGATE.NET from WV writes: "Would love to have contact with anyone who served with my husband SFC James H. BROOKS Jr. He was killed on April 25th 1970. Thanks, Ruth"

SFC BROOKS was one of the Air Ambulance Platoon's aircraft maintenance sergeants. They had a bad crash out of Phouc Vinh on a test flight on the date that his wife mentions above. There were also others killed. Those of us in Phouc Vinh went out to bring them in. I remember working on one of the others, SP6 CONWAY, (James Thaddeus), who was in a solid coma and who eventually died. One other death that day that I see listed on http://THEWALL-USA.COM

casualties for that day was W1 Rodney Kieth ARNOLD. I did not know Mr. ARNOLD. Three of four of Sergeant BROOKS' children have been awarded 1st Cav Assn. scholarships over the years since he died in 1st Cav service.

MEDEVAC PSG James MCDONALD '70-'71 seeks to remind us: "It's time for a wake up call. We need to revive the MEDEVAC PLT! Sound the Bugle !!!  Get your foot on the Skid............."

Larry ASH replies, "Sarge, my foot's been on the skid for the past 31+ years. Why don't you contact good old Mike SMITH at MVANCO@AOL.COM and help us stir the crap a bit? It seems that as time passes, we lose a lot of activity from our membership. Perhaps, the novelty has worn off. Go ahead and call formation (where no one shows)! Thanks for all your posts. Do you think you can take up some of the slack? Some of us old farts have nothing left, but old farts."

Mike SMITH says, "To all members: Sorry if we haven't been able to get a hold of you to info you of Sherman (SNORE) BREEDEN's passing away the 28th of January. As you know he is the man who has started our Web site and formed 15th MED Assn. He will be missed very much in our ranks and many others. tater"

And more from LASH: "I would, simply, add my feelings of loss and sorrow for the passing of Sherman. I came into contact with Sherman and Ann some six years ago and found "Snore's", unfailing, passion to reunite with his brother-soldiers to be refreshing, in a cynical world, as well as, wonderfully contagious. Because of Sherman's efforts, we have been afforded the opportunity to unite and prosper as an association. I salute you:  Sherman 'SNORE' BREEDEN."

Russell WARRINER BLUEMAX@BLUEMAX-ARA-ASSOC.ORG OF 2\20 A.R.A. passed along, "I was contacted by Thomas BREAUX who also was with 15 MED. He is trying to make contact with a pilot whom he helped pull out of the front seat of an aircraft, Cobra he thinks, and from 2\20 he also thinks. He also thinks it was in early 1969. I am going to try to work with him on this to see if we can locate the pilot or someone that knows who he was."

Clifford DAVIS who is unable to type or write called from (843)572-8043, says that he was in B Co. 15th MED and MEDEVAC '66-'67. He would like to talk to anyone who knows about B 2\5 Cav taking extraordinary casualties out of LZ Oasis during that time, it is still bothering his mind. Please give him a call if you are knowledgeable.

Claude NEWBY <DNEWBY@EARTHLINK.NET sent over excerpts from his books which I had requested so that those of us who have not read his books will know a little about what he has written:

"On September 1, 1967, 2000 hours east of the Bong Son Plain, well after full dark, we headed down the very steep north face of the mountain, slipping, sliding, holding on to limbs and whatever to maintain our place in formation and avoid falling into the abyss. Thirty minutes into the descent and about a third of the way down the mountain Pfc. Michael MCCORD fell into a depression. The medics and I feared MCCORD's back or neck might be broken--he had no movement from the neck down.

"A few minutes later a MEDEVAC chopper crept into the extremely narrow draw and performed one of the hairiest, most heroic extraction I ever witnessed--and I had an unenviable bird's eye view.

"The pilot moved his chopper very carefully into the draw until the main rotor was chopping grass a few feet below me, to its front and across the draw. Hovering there, the pilot held the chopper steady in the air, while the crew chief lowered a litter by hoist and cable. Then below the chopper, disregarding the whirling blades over their heads, the platoon medic and infantrymen immobilized MCCORD in the litter. After hoisting MCCORD up, the pilot eased his chopper backwards until it had space to bank and drop toward the valley to pick up speed, almost too late.

"Naturally, the rescue operation required the use of the MEDEVAC chopper's landing lights, and these attracted the enemy. Fortunately, though, the rough terrain slowed the enemy's efforts to get into position to shoot down the hovering chopper. Their first shots came just as the chopper banked and dived, at 2230 hours, and missed! Hats off the a very brave, unnamed MEDEVAC crew."

You can order It Took Heroes I and It Took Heroes II from Claude NEWBY by contacting him at CDNEWBY@EARTHLINK.NET  or by ordering direct from Tribute Enterprises at 641 W 3300 S., Bountiful, UT 84101.

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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