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2003 Jul-Aug

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

In the March\April Saber I had mentioned an article from the Vietnam Magazine sent to me by Donald WRIGHT, A 2\5 Cav '68- '69. Having read it over closely I see that it refers to a Web site: HTTP:// on which states:

"The mission of the Air Assault Parity Coalition is to advocate for change of the criteria for the awarding of the Air Assault Badge to include awarding the badge for combat assaults (see References page for more information).

"The Air Assault Parity Coalition is formed of members of the 101st Airborne Division Association, the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association (Currahees), the 1st Cavalry Division Association, the 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans Associations and other interested veterans and civilians."

You can participate by responding to: "Please support our Web site and political action by buying a badge or making a donation today (use SUPPORT link)."

They also post an: "HONORARY AIR ASSAULT CERTIFICATE UPDATE: The honorary Air Assault certificate project is on hold due to the recent deployment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) en mass to the middle east. "The stakeholders meeting will still occur in August, 2003 (see Stakeholders link [on the Web site] for more information)."

Ken WOLLARD (Weird) KENWOLLARD2001@YAHOO.COM was at Evans, Quan Loi '67-'68.

Wanda MYRSTOL ROUWHORST ROWHIDE66@MTIO.NET of Big Timber, MT comments: "I served in S-1, HHC/A Co., 2nd Forward Support Battalion, 1st Cav. Div. from 1985 to 1987. I was proud to serve and I'm very proud of our men and women in uniform!!!"

Edmond L. BROOKS FIRSTSQD@AOL.COM from Tacoma, WA, writes: "Looking for friends of the 15th MED Bn. from '80-'83."

Jim CALIBRO MEDEVACCHOPPER, Modesto, CA, said: "15th MED Bn.- MEDEVAC gunner 6\'67-6\'68. Anybody else out there besides my self, MEDEVAC 454, Mr. MADMUR and Randy BREWER going to the reunion in June?"

Richie KRAUS LKRKMK@AOL.COM of Philadelphia, PA, writes, "Our group from C Co. 15th MED '68-'69 is trying to locate Louie REYES. Louie served with 1st Cav Military Intelligence. Anyone with info please contact me."

James ONG J.ONG@SBCGLOBAL.NET from Sacramento, CA mentions, " MEDEVAC crew chief from '70-'71. Would like to hear from anyone who served during my tour." Dennis DEPPEN SINNEDNEPPED@YAHOO.COM of McKeesport, PA, says: "Served with A Company, 15th Medical Battalion 1970, Tay Ninh and Long Binh."

The 1st Cavalry Division, 15th Medical Battalion - MEDEVAC Reunion 2003 Orlando, Florida June 13th through the 15. This is history now, but this is what was planned, and probably took place, so if you did not attend, but would like to next year, contact those listed below:

"This years reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn - Main Gate East in Orlando, Florida. Reservations can be made by calling  (407) 997- 4344 or visiting  their web site at <HTTP: www.orlando-family-fun->. The price of the rooms is good from June 12 to the 15th if you want to come in early and enjoy the sights. You can contact Bob MCKINLEY directly at USARETBOB@AOL.COM if you have any more questions. The room rate will be $55.00 plus tax and any reservation made after May 12th will be based on availability. There are 50 rooms reserved and these will be available from June 12th to June 15th. The Banquet will be held on June 14th and will be buffet style. Corky doesn't have any information as to what is going to be on the menu as of yet but soon as he does I'll update this page. Update: 01/09/03: I have received further information from Bob that might be very useful to everyone planning on attending this years reunion. The Holiday Inn is actually located in Kissimmee on US 192 and also has free scheduled transportation to all 4 Disney theme parks. The hotel has TV, safe, hair dryers, VCR, coffee makers, microwave, and clock radios. They also have a selection of restaurants in and near the hotel. They have an exercise facility, tennis court, and volleyball. Two pools & two hot tubs. I am also working on a hospitality room off the pool. I have 50 rooms blocked at this time. More is also possible at any time. The directions from the airport: From the Orlando International Airport take the Greenway South (Hwy 417) to the Osceola Parkway exit #3. Make a left on Osceola then right on Seralago Blvd. The hotel is straight ahead. From Interstate 4, exit at 64A. Hotel is on the right (2 miles.)"

Other Contact Info: Association President - Corky WALSH Orlando Host - Bob MCKINLEY

Al (baum) TANNENBAUM ALTANNENBAUM@WORLDNET.ATT.NET Charlotte, NC, wrote: "To Dennis DEPPAN, you left a message the other day and gave your wrong e-mail address. I would like to communicate with you about the 15th MED."

Jerry D. RASCO JDR@RASCOS.NET of Castle Rock, CO, comments: Looking for members of Headquarters Support 15th MED Bn. '66 - '67 May to May."

Murray GIBBS MRMADMUR@AOL.COM from Ohio, wrote: "Hey Guys, FYI, I will be at the 2003 reunion this year. Hope to see all of the there. I will reunite with those I saw at last years reunion along with those I haven't seen in 35 years. Thanks to the 15th MED Bn\MEDEVAC Association, this was made possible. I thank Roger BROYER for locating me last year. I appreciate those whom I communicated with over this last year like Jim CALIBRO, Randy BREWER, Art JACOBS, Henry LAND, and Corky WALSH. See you all at the reunion.....Gunner Gibbs."

Ron BLAGG RBLAGG@ALLCAPCORP.COM Dallas, TX signed the 1st Cav Assn. Guestbook: "Nice site, I served with the 15th MED Battalion as a MEDEVAC pilot in 1969; MEDEVAC-18."

"FYI, Murray GIBBS here. I attended my 2nd reunion. At the reunion our new nominated officers were selected. President -Murray GIBBS, Vice President - Dan WEAVER, Treasurer - Bob MCKINLEY, Alt Replacement - Jim CALIBRO, and Secretary - Larry ASH. "I plan to continue in the spirit that Sherman did when he first started. We have an open invitation to all 15th MED Bn. guys who served with the 15th MED from Korea to Vietnam. I plan to e-mail newsletters on important issues that come up. The most important is finding all those guys who served with the 15th MED and hopeful getting them to participate with the association. Next is planning the next reunion for 2004. As I get further info I will send it to all of the known 15th MED guys via email......Gunner GIBBS....'67- '68."

Also, "Hi Guys, This is Murray Gibbs (door gunner). As your new president I created a new e-mail screen name strictly for e-mail regarding the 15th MED Bn. GUNNERMADMUR@AOL.COM Thank You..... Gunner Murray GIBBS, President." Jim CALIBRO MEDEVACCHOPPER@AOL.COM 1208 Marymar Dr., Modesto, CA signed into the 15th MED Assn. message board <HTTP: 15THMEDASSOCIATION>with: "I just figured out how to get into this site, so I thought I would toss in my two cents worth. I was a door gunner on MEDEVAC 6\'67-6\'68. Flew a lot with Bill HAISTINGS and Marty WALKER, & had the pleasure to fly with some of the 15th MED's finest Medics. "I also attended the last (2) 15th MED Bn. reunions, and reunited with a lot of the old guys like Corky, GIBBS, & BREWER. I plan on going to the next one in 2004.

"I stayed in the USAR until Oct. 1992, and left as a SFC/E7 11B4X. Made it thru DSS in 1980 at age 32.

"While in USAR was also attached to the 91st Training Div. & later to the 221st MP Bde. Went to MP school after I was 40 yrs. Both units were out of CA. "I enjoyed the military and talking to anyone from MEDEVAC regardless what years they served. Being a MEDEVAC gunner was one of my finest moments and I was proud that I served in the 1st Cav & now part of the 15th MED Association. Clear Right Jim."

From MEDEVAC Medic Floyd THOMPSON SR71US@AOL.COM : "Hi Guys, Floyd THOMPSON here, <MEDEVAC ?69 ?67-July Dec Medic>more commonly known as Medic Tango. I had contact with Gil MORAN <MEDEVAC 20>, a pilot with whom I flew many times, but have lost contact with a bunch of others..: Bill MAGIN, Danny T00THMAN <PILOTS>, Rick FREEMAN, a crew chief from Oklahoma, and Tom DIBASIO a Medic from Providence, RI. Lastly Bill HATCHER a door gunner, and SFC SWAIN. Anybody hear of them?

"I made contact with the family of door gunner Jim MCGEEHEE from Louisiana who was killed just after I left Nam in July. I didn't find out he was killed till a week after his funeral. His wife would prefer not to deal with any of his crewmembers, but his son would love to speak to anyone who knew his dad. I have the names and numbers if you knew Jim. Take care all, and good to see you made it home! Medic Tango"

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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