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2007 Nov-Dec

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

From Webmaster Murray GIBBS: "FYI, our reunion coordinator Randy BREWER has finalized the place at which the 2008 Reunion will be. The SUPER 8 HOTEL in Biloxi, MS, is just across from the beach on Beach Blvd., known as HWY 90. The dates are still the same. Soon I will be receiving all I need to fully post on the MSN Website. Randy tried to work out deals with all the casinos and realized they were not going to give us any reasonable discount rates. The SUPER 8 MOTEL had recently been rebuilt. Room rates are $59.00, plus any taxes. We will have a hospitality room for all the time we are there. We will have a Banquet Room for Saturday.

"Randy will make arrangements for an outside vendor to provide the Banquets Dinners. When I receive the packet that Randy is sending to me I will be posting the information on the MSN Website.

"I have introduced a free Voice Over Internet Provider. TeamTalk is an Internet voice chat program. It is very easy to use and I would like to introduce it to our Association. I will create a page for it with links to download the setup file. You will need to setup a screen name and a password. Now, that is just part of it. When you log on, there are many channels you will see. Ours will be '15thMED' and all you need to do is click on it and you are moved to it. There will be a password you will need to get in when asked.

"If you do not see '15thMED' channel then the first one can create the channel. This seems a little difficult. There is a generator file that I will have on the page that you can also download. I will have an example of how to fill it out. After you have created your generator file, put a copy on your desktop. When you click on the desktop shortcut it will automatically log you on and put you in the '15thMED' channel.

"You will then be able to voice chat with members of our Association. I know this will be a starter for us in voice chat. I use it a lot for voice chatting with others. I will explain that one later down the road. You will find this a very fun, and useful tool. You will be able to chat with members you have never met. This many even be a method we can use to have meetings once a month or whenever. Our limitation is only how much we are creative. Expect to see the page called 'TEAMTALK.'"

When asked if there will be a Macintosh computer version, Murray replied, "FYI, I got a response from They don't believe in the near future that they will be doing a MAC version. I posted this other one I have used. It uses a lot more memory than Team Talk. It is call Q GSC and it is under the page called Voice Over IP. Q GSC plans on the MAC version. I don't know when it will come out. I will look into others and see if they have a MAC version. I know there are many that are paid versions of VOIP. I haven't checked them out to see if there is a MAC version. There, you can download it. Note: you will need a mike or a combo headphones and mike. I have the later.

"The 2008 Reunion Pages have been created and updated as information comes to me. I have some pictures of the Super 8 Motel. I also have a local map of the motel which is just across Beach Blvd. from the BEACH. There are casinos and restaurants nearby which most are within walking distance."

Later Murray wrote, "It has been a long time since I sent out an e-mail to you. Long overdue and time for me to get the bandwagon moving. Our reunion coordinator Randy BREWER finally was able to get a location for us with "FREE" hospitality and banquet rooms. It was finalized on Sept 14, 2007, with the SUPER 8 MOTEL. I posted the information that Randy has sent to me on the MSN Website.

"I am in the process of drafting up a snail mail invitation. Norm ROBERGE is our Snail Mail Invitation Coordinator. As soon as I get the invitation done I will e-mail it to him along with the registration form that I have just finish. Hopefully we can get everything out in a timely manner to reach out to members so they can make the plans for the 2008 Reunion."

Bill WORD "magnetass" wrote, "I see my picture in Randy458's photos. I am still alive, but not listed as being a member?  William F. WORD, a.k.a. 'Magnetass,' Medic. Anybody know where to contact WALKER, our pilot? Thanks."

Jim CALIBRO "DrillE7" replied, "Sam, good to see that you are alive and well. Remember April 4, 1968?" Murray adds, "This is an update to the previous newsletter concerning the 2008 Reunion. Our reunion coordinator, Randy BREWER has contacted a caterer that will provide us our dinners at the Dinner Banquet in the banquet room of the Super 8 Motel. The Dinner Banquet will be Saturday April 5, 2008. It usually starts about 6 PM.

"I have bad news about one of our members. MAJ James H. NICHOLS has passed away. I was contacted by COL Bill DOWNEY that he had passed away. I knew he was sick because his daughter had contacted me about six months ago saying he had taken ill. This is the information I have on record for those that want to give their condolences: NICHOLS, JAMES H., 984 WINSTON AVE., ELBA, AL 36323-0000. (334) 897-5378. Old e-mail address: . "He was the platoon leader of the Air Ambulance Platoon (MEDEVAC). He was the one who was able to get the gun mounts put on the MEDEVAC helicopters. He started his tour with the 15th MED Bn. in June of 1966. I wish I had more information about him. I know that COL DOWNEY knew him well.

"I have posted more information concerning the 2008 Reunion. I have still more information to post once I scan this picture I have received from our reunion coordinator. I also have made updates on how to setup Voice over Internet Provider. Currently one person besides myself has setup the VoIP. It was Mike "Smitty" SMITH. He setup up GSC. You can also setup Team Talk. I have created a channel called 15thMED on GSC. You have to search for it once you log on. If you go to our Website it will describe how to setup auto log into the 15thMED channel at this link: (GSC) <>.

"If you need any help please feel free to e-mail for help. If you have set it up let me know when you plan to log on and if I can be on at the same time I will help you setup the channel auto log into the 15thMED channel. "Attached to this update is the registration form to the 2008 Annual Reunion in Biloxi, MS. Please fill it out if you are going to the Reunion, updating your personal information, getting a Life Time Membership, ordering a Challenge Coin or making a donation. Send registration forms to our Treasurer Robert MCKINLEY. His address is on the left bottom of the registration form. I have made a list on the Website to post those who plan to come. If you have registered as a member of the MSN Website you can post your own name. Those who can post their name of course for some reason don't. I will post it for them. Just click on the link on the 2008 Reunion Information page."

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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