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2008 Nov-Dec

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

Corrections to the last Saber: the above 15th MED Assn. Web address has been misprinted in some previous issues and should read: <>; also, the story about MEDEVAC CE Mike VINYARD should have read "had a good sense of humor."

Robert DAUMILLER of Crossville, TN, signed in the Guestbook, "Nice site. Used to fly cover for you guys. D Co. 227th. Guns, Chu Lai through the A Shau."

Marcus W. ADAMS from Norman, OK, signed in, "Didn't know we had an alumni organization. Maybe I can make it to Myrtle Beach in 2009."

Webmaster\Past President 2003-2006, 15th MED Association, Murray GIBBS updates: "I am now composing all newsletters onto the main Website. No need to worry about saving a newsletter. There are also many members whom we don't have their e-mail addresses. They browse the Websites often without our knowledge. Now, they will have an opportunity to view the newsletters that have been sent out to the membership on the Website. Here is the link to view 2008 Oct. Newsletter:< /Newsletters/Newsletters.html>. Please e-mail with any comments about this."

'69 PSG Gordon RUSSELL in response to the last issue's posting asks, "Hi Mike, Would you have the e-mail of Curtis F0RD from Gadsden, AL? He was a door gunner in '69, and was wounded and MEDEVACed to Japan. I go to Gadsden often as my son Jerry lives close by." If you're reading this Curtis, make commo; or anyone who knows.

Daniel TOOTHMAN says, "Hi everybody, I'm sending out this 'Shotgun Blast' message to let you know that we're changing ISP's and my new e-mail address is: . I'll be able to receive at until the change becomes effective, probably 1 Nov. Thanks. Dan T."

I got snail mail from Elvis POE Jr., Brookland, AR, who wrote: "After reading the last Saber, something came to my mind. I called 12th Cav Ken HOWSER, to find out how to go about this, so here goes:

"Sometime after we CAed {phonetically Charlie Alphaed for (air) Combat Assaulted} out of Cambodia, we were dropped off in platoon size to search and destroy. I was in A 2-12 'Ace High,' 1st Plt., 1st Squad. I can't remember the date nor area we were working; too many years have passed. Anyhow, I received many horrible wasp stings while cutting point. I was an E-5, but still wanted to be in front.

"I was stung over 100% of my body. The little rascals even got in my boots. They laid it on me good, and I went into prep.{?} shock; swelled up; whelps. Doc GUIDRY, from Louisiana, did what he could under the circumstances.

"A MEDEVAC ship came to my rescue. The jungle was thick and I had not much time to be moved. A jungle penetrator was dropped in and I was locked in. About half way up it just stopped. "I could see the Medic and door gunner working on the winch, but it wouldn't budge. We flew out to an open area, and they lowered me back to the ground.

"No ground; swamp. The Benadryl had me supped up pretty good but I remember the water, and took a deep breath. I went all the way under.

"They snatched me back up and this time I had the ride of my life. There I was dangling under the chopper all the way to the LZ Buttons' aid station, then on to Saigon.

"The VC didn't get me; the wasps didn't get me; the water didn't get me; and it was because these guys did a perfect job. Surely, someone would remember this happening. If you do, I'm still kicking, and many thanks for a job well done. E.P." If any MEDEVAC members remember this incident, of course, contact Elvis. Let me know also, and I'll post it. Your side of the story.

 Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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