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2009 Mar-Apr

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

I received a phone call from Charles FREEMAN who was in G 1-8 Cav in 1950. He was reassigned to the 15th QM after being wounded. He said that he was recently put on the Board of Directors for the 8th Cav. If you would like to contact him, call the 1st Cav Div. Assn. HQ.

Monty HALCOMB posted: "Bugs MORAN was a C Battery {2-20 A.R.A.} Blue Max pilot '70-'71 who covered quite a few of our MEDEVAC missions. One particular mission out of Quan Loi, he flew his Cobra between us (Hank TUELL and me) to take the enemy fire for us - Bugs had expended his ammo. We were able to extract the critically wounded (plus one dog) with minimal damage. Bugs' Cobra took pretty heavy damage.

"If you'd like to sign the guest book at his funeral parlor, here's the link: /obituary.cfm?o_id=220490&f h_id=10707"

Monty also replied to me, "Mike, Monty HALCOMB, MEDEVAC 8, '70-'71. We flew together, as I recall!  I was in the same pilot group as Lee CAUBARREAUX (MEDEVAC Meadow), Tom TRIFIRO, and Craig HOLLENBECK."

Lou ESPOSITO CASASITO@AOL.COM of Davie, FL, comments: "I was with B Co. 15th MED LZ Buttons from 01\'70 until 11\'70. I was the cook that burned down the mess tent."

Jim BRODIE in Columbus, GA, signed the Guestbook, "'65\'66. TI along with John BUBELA. Don't recognize any names. I stayed at An Khe and only saw the crews when in for maintenance. Sorry I didn't get to know you all. Best to you all."

Ronald INGRAM at Papillion, NE {?} writes, "A great spread on 15th MED\MEDEVAC. Medic '66\'67 on {aircraft} 499 577.

David FLOYD from Warren, MN, requests, "I would like to locate a Native American (Tribe is unknown) who was with A 2-7 Cav on 13 June 1969 when he was shot through both lungs. Later on in '70\'71 I met him in the chow line at Fitzsimmons Hospital. He was working there and I was a patient."

Jim CALIBRO, MEDEVAC 6\'67-6\'68, Modesto, CA, mentions, "Sure seems strange with the MSN Website down and out. No way to see who will be at the next Reunion; Myrtle Beach 4\2-4\5\09. I'm sure Murray will come up with something to re-establish the Reunion list.

"For those who haven't been to one of the Reunions yet you are missing out on a lot of fun & reminiscing with old friends."

Webmaster\Past President 2003-2006 15th MED Association Murray GIBBS, MEDEVAC '67-'68  e-mails, "FYI, I received this e-mail from Cliff DAVIS' wife. E-mail address: .

""I am sending out this quick update on Cliff. He is in Roper Hospital here in Charleston, SC. They have diagnosed him with advanced pancreatic cancer. He will be getting a port put in tomorrow afternoon, and then will be getting chemo. Our doctors are keeping him pain free. I'm sorry I am just getting this news to you, but he was only diagnosed after severe abdominal pain started on January 5th. Pass the word if you can as I am not able to reach everyone. Please keep him and me in your thoughts and prayers. Sherie DAVIS'

"The 2009 Reunion is one and a half months away. I put a picture of the Registration Form in the Feb. Newsletter. Just right click with the mouse and then print picture. Link to the newsletter: < /Newsletters/2009FebNewsletter.html>" "I have some bad news about the MSN Website. MSN plans to shut down all of the <>. I got this e-mail about it stating that I had three options: '1. Do the migration. 2. Start from scratch. 3. Move all the files to a storage place on MSN.'

"Well, to do 1. and 3., 1. needs to be a Group Manager. I am only an assistant manager of the MSN Website, thus I can not do the migration which would be the option I would take. I called the 2. Group Managers of the MSN Website to get their e-mail address and password to make that happen. Smitty (Mike SMITH) gave me what he has as e-mail and a password; it did not work. I also call Larry ASH two times and left messages. He never responded. Today is the last day for the Website and it is all gone. I have the most important stuff on the Main Website at <>. We will be losing the discussion board stuff and all those pictures that the members posted. I am going in and try to capture all the profiles members left.

"The last few days I have not been able to edit anything because of what is going to happen. I did do a screen capture of the Reunion List and a certain discussion on the Discussion Board that is of historical interest. The rest we will lose. Members will need to start using the FORUMS of the main Website.

"This means I have a lot of work ahead for me to update some of the screens on the main Website. I know there are going to be a lot of questions about this. One thing is for sure, I have full control of the main Website. One counter measure that needs to be done is break in a couple of members on how I setup the main Website. The access name and password of our main Website needs to be in several hands along with all the files of it. This must be determined at the 2009 Reunion to insure that this doesn't happen again. Luckily, last year I had all the main Website on my computer and was able to reestablish it on another server and at an excellent monthly price." Jim BELAIR forwards a correspondence with Dorr JOHNSON: "Well it was nice to hear from you and I am going to pass your name and e-mail address to everyone I know who was with the 15th MED. We will be having a Reunion in April."

Dorr JOHNSON wrote: "Jim, I just found the 15th MED Website. Saw the pictures you have posted there. I was attached to 15th MEDEVAC at Phouc Vinh in late '69 to early '70. Pictures brought back many memories. One of the pictures is by a Huey. In the picture is a dog. I had a dog there, left her with the MEDEVAC guys when I ETSed in April '70. Her name was Pizon. She looked a lot like the dog in your picture. I do not remember the bear but do remember Jo Jo the monkey. Jo Jo once grabbed my little transistor radio and ran up on top the hooch with it. "I didn't do ANYTHING heroic, just patched up the Hueys and flew around a little. Have the GREATEST respect for those of you who flew everyday. I went home just before Mr. RODNEY, SFC BROOKS, and my friend Jim CONWAY crashed. Regards."

From Robert L. TERRELL , "Hi Mike, I was MEDEVACed out of Bong Son Valley, at about 0730 hrs, on the 31st of May 1967. We were getting ready to go on a pony team, recon mission, at 0700hrs, when a grenade came rolling in on us, and it went off and caused M-79 rounds to blow up as well. I was wounded by shrapnel, along with seven of my men. One EM had to stay behind, as there was no room for him in the MEDEVAC chopper. All of my men received a Purple Heart-even the one EM that stayed behind; except me.  I was treated by a nurse. After pulling the shrapnel out of my shoulder, she then put some lotion on my left shoulder and put some gauze and tape on it, to stop the bleeding. After awhile I talked to a doctor about my men's injuries, and I was given a shot to calm me down. There were no beds left as they were all filled up. I had to sit outside the tent on the sand bags. After awhile I left and went back to the field to my unit. I am trying to find out who was the Medic, attached to D Co. 2-8th, 1st Cav Div., and the nurse who treated me, as well the doctor. The head doc was LTC Donald A. NIXON, Dep. G1 at B Co. 15th Medical Field Hospital at LZ English in Bong Son.

"Apparently they never signed me in, so there is no record at the hospital, so I need more information to present and prove I was there that morning. If anybody can help me out please e-mail the information to me."

More from Jim CALIBRO, Secretary\Past President '06-'07 "Marchetti9" : "The 2009 Reunion is just around the corner, a little over a month away. Pete MULFORD has done a great job coordinating the upcoming Reunion to be held in Myrtle Beach from 4\2-5\09. A lot of responsibility goes into setting up a Reunion to get things right, but all in all it's worth it.

"This gives us a chance to reunite with old friends and make new ones. Our wives, girlfriends, family members and friends are welcomed. They always seem to have a good time. Holly was trying to put together a brunch for the ladies of the 15th MED on Sat. afternoon. If interested, please check the box on the registration form. I was also informed that the pilots may have a little get together on Friday night 4\03\09. Pete may have more info. on that.

"If you plan to attend this year's Reunion, please notify our treasurer, Bob MCKINLEY, at , or Murray GIBBS at as soon as possible. Pete will need a head count for dinner, and Bob collects the fee's.

"Due to the poor economy, I'm looking for suggestions for the 2010 Reunion that would be the most cost effective for our members. I personally feel that the next Reunion should be held somewhere in the Midwest (smack dab in the middle of the United States) like Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma or even Texas. (Idaho would be cool). Somewhere near a big city to prevent making additional flight arrangements on a small 'puddle jumper' to smaller cities. By doing this, more members may be able to attend the 2010 Reunion, or have the opportunity to drive rather then fly. I've talked to several members that were unable to make the last two Reunions, or the upcoming Reunion, due to distance and the cost of airfare.

If you have any suggestions or are willing to coordinate the 2010 Reunion, shoot me a e-mail at and I will present your proposal at the next general meeting in Myrtle Beach on Sat 4\4\09, for members present to vote on. Thanks."

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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