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2010 Sep-Oct

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

Fellow C 2-7 Cav and MEDEVAC Medic Doc Bill WALSH <> announces: "Welcome Home 2011, a Chicago Vietnam Veterans' Welcome Home Parade, June17-19, 2011." Go to:  Website for the information. Bill is retired Chicago Police Department, and hosted the successful 1986 Chicago Vietnam Veterans' Parade, where the 1st Cav Assn. had a hospitality room and strong presence.

John BRENNAN  finalizes, "Gentlemen, Looking for individualized 'names' that were painted on in- country Army 'copters 1962-'73. I'm closing in on the 2,800 'name' count so far collected, documented and cataloged. Book is to be published and readied for Spring 2011. Hundreds of never-before-published pics and 'name' database will be contained in a 2-vol set. Contributions and input welcomed. Respectfully yours, John BRENNAN, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970- 71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta."

Roque TORRES of Concord, CA, comments: "Looking for anyone that knew Thomas FARIA, Combat Medic Vietnam circa '68-'69. He resided in Fremont, California and served with the 1st Cav Division, 4th Infantry Division and the 3rd ACR (Brave Rifles)."

Ron STRUB C-15th MED 1965-'66 , Bullhead City, AZ posts, "Just went thru all 42 pages of 15th MED e-mails. Will be trying to connect with a few of you. Does anyone know SFC Jeff DANIEL (Ret)? He left an e-mail message way back in 6-22-05 looking for anyone that served with his Dad (SFC Jim DANIEL) C-15th MED '65-'66. His father, Jim, was one of my SGTs."

Col. (Ret) Walter J. SERWATKA, DDS in Hampton, VA, signs the Guestbook: "I served as a dental officer with Co B 15th MED Bn. from 1967-1968."

Tim BRIDGEMAN at Binghamton, N.Y., writes, "My brother, 1st Lt. Cleave BRIDGEMAN, was killed on FSB Illingworth on April 1st, 1970. He was exiting the FDC when it was hit by a 122mm rocket. His two comrades, Bob LANE and Tom MURPHY were killed outright, but some reports indicate that Cleave may have survived the blast and was taken to an aid station not far from the FDC on Illingworth.  Does anyone know of anyone who was working in that aid station on Illingworth during the attack of April 1st, 1970?  They were all 1st Air Cav heros."

Webmaster\Past President 2003-2006 15th MED Association Murray GIBBS, MEDEVAC '67-'68 informs that John CRESPI's wife has been in and out of the hospital, since the last column. You can check the Website for any updates. Also, the 15th MED Association Secretary Jim CALIBRO's mother passed away.

Harry L. SUMMERS at Fleetwood, NC, e-mailed that he served in the 1st Cav from the spring of 1958 to '59 in Korea. Harry sent some photos and says he reads the Saber news from cover to cover, and sometimes reads it twice.

Harry adds, his chain of command was: BC Major SCARPETTA, Bn. XO Capt. WOLF, HHC CO 1st Lt. MICKELSON, Commo Officer Capt. DAVIS, and Motor Pool Lt. HANSEN. Harry was an E-4 commo chief most of the time.

Larry PURSEL sent, "Searching for the family of WO Thomas Ronald PURSEL, KIA. Do you have any ideas of how I can do this?"

If anyone does, contact him. I referred Larry to the 1st Cav Assn. HQ. It doesn't have to end there.

Jeremy HOGAN says, "Dear Mike, You don't know me. I'm the son of a B Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Trooper. My dad was at Quan Loi when he began his first tour in September, 1969. He lived through his tour, as a crew chief\door gunner, and extended. He eventually went home in April 1971.

"As such, I've been looking for photos on eBay, amongst other places, for a documentary I'm working on. And I found some Quan Loi photos for sale last week --- they only went for $4.99. I was very surprised the package had all the negatives too which I scanned on a professional Nikon 35mm scanner taking out the dust and scratches, adjusting tones and color - the negatives were underexposed and faded too.

"What's almost, or maybe just as good --- the names of everyone were on the backs of the faded prints. I'm attaching the photos. The captions of in the metadata (file info) which can be seen with Photoshop or some other editing program.

"You can post these or whatever. A lot of guy owe the guys from 15th MED plenty. They even took care of my dad when he was hit on February 18, 1971.

"Unfortunately, these photos came from an estate auction according to the eBay auction description and I don't know if that means the estate of the Veteran or maybe a parent? His name on the back is of course 'Me' and I have no idea whom he is. Scouts over."

I will try to get some of these into the Saber. If anyone is recognized, don't be shy, let us know.

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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