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2015 Sep-Oct

MEDEVAC 15th Med\15th FSB
Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522
1704 254-542-1961

A correction to this last Saber column for the 15th MED Assn. Reunion group photo is: Sitting, L to R: Robert McKinley, Bill Haistings, Rich Leonard, Randy Burkhart, Leo Williams, Larry Norris, Art Martin, Larry Hatch, Norm Roberge Standing, L to R: Jim Calibro, Tom Grove, Jim Victor, Terry McCarl, William Keller, Dave Parks, Corky Walsh, Floyd Jackson, Mike Smith, Dennis Guthrie, Dan Korty, Jon Lundquist, Dave Huser, Ken Colby, John Sampson, Richard Medlock, Fred McKellar. Not pictured: Eric Traub, Murray Gibbs, Clyde Moore, Don Hayes.

That correction came from Terry McCarl who also sent: "Many of us who served with 15th Med Bn. in Vietnam between August '68 and August '69 remember Lawrence E. 'Ed' Chance, CPT, Medical Service Corps. Ed was the Division Social Worker, helping soldiers of the 1st Cav with all types of personal problems in their lives, both in Vietnam and at home. Ed worked closely with MAJ James H. Rumbaugh, Division Psychiatrist.

"Ed volunteered for duty in Vietnam because of the great need which he perceived for Social Work Services. He received a direct commission as a CPT.

"After his three years of military service, Ed went to work for the VA. He retired in the mid '80's with the rank of COL. Ed spent his entire career helping soldiers.

"The first photo (April '69) is Ed at the right-hand side, and possibly one of his Social Work Techs at the left. In the second photo (August '69), Ed is second from the left hand side. It is believed that the other guys in the photo are Social Work Techs. If you are in, or can identify anyone in these photos, please let me know ( ) Also, if you were a Social Work Tech, or know someone who was between 8\'68-8\'69, please contact me.

"Ed is afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease, but his long-term memory is still quite good. He enjoys reminiscing about his time in Vietnam. He and his wife Dorothy live in an assisted living facility in Tampa, FL. If anyone remembers Ed, he would love to visit with them by phone. If anyone would like to contact him, please e-mail me ( ) and I can put you in contact with him.

Also from Terry, "When in the TSA security line at the Boise Airport on Sunday morning, April 19, 2015, to fly home from the 15th MED Reunion, a TSA worker saw my 1st Cav Vietnam Veteran cap and proclaimed, 'If you ain't Cav, you ain't s!!!!' I told him that I had not heard that expression in years, and it was very refreshing. He went on to explain that he had served in the 1st Cav in Iraq. I flashed back to late November of 1968 when I arrived in An Khe for 1st Cav Orientation before being shipped down to Phouc Vinh.

"I remember a major lecturing our group of fresh troopers on the history and traditions of the 1st Cavalry Division. He closed his talk with this: 'Many of you will become familiar with the well-known expression of disrespect, ''If you ain't Cav., you ain't s!!!!” I personally prefer the more refined and grammatically-correct version which is: 'If you are not, nor ever have been a member of the 1st Cavalry Division, from the standpoint of military proficiency and excellence, you rank somewhere below human excrement!' I related the major's comment to the TSA worker, who liked it, but thought that he would stick with the more popular version."

Terry also mentions that if anyone would like to know about the annual Huey 369 get-together in Peru, IN Corky Walsh had gone and would respond to questions. Corky recently had a stroke, but is reported to be fine-he went salmon fishing the other day. If you like, you can e-mail Corky at: <>.

From  "Hello Mike, My name is Bob Hardy and I served in A Co 15th MED Bn. (Medic) from Dec. 13, 1967 through Dec. 13, 1968 at LZ Baldy (II Corp), Camp Evens (Tet), LZ Stud (A Shau), LZ Stallion (A Shau), LZ Sharon (Quang Tri) and Tay Ninh City (also 25th ID base). I served with six men from basic to Vietnam (eighteen months), their names\nicknames are Bob Hardy (myself) (Heartless), Bob Ottaviano (Otto), Mike MacGrane (Face), William Owens (Rack), Charles Frydel (Fry) and another, I can't remember his name.

"Out of the six of us, three are still alive and from the Boston area; myself, Face and Otto. I was CPT Barrows' driver from Jan. '68 to May '68. I attended two of the Reunions, one in Ohio and the other in Mississippi. I am hoping to make more of these Reunions in the future. "Is it possible to learn about a MEDEVAC that was damaged. This bird came in the heliport smoking and shot up. Maybe someone can remember something from Camp Evans in February. I would also like a little information about A Co. 15h MED from Dec. '67 to Dec. '68.

"Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Bob Hardy, Commander Dilboy Post VFW 529 Somerville, MA 02144. Phone (617) 666-8794."

Remember the 2016 15th MED Reunion will be hosted by Larry Hatch < >. From the last Saber if you did not receive that: 'The dates for the Olympia, WA Reunion at the Red Lion are April 11 - 18, 2016. It's going to be a country western theme being this is the Pacific Northwest and our dinner banquet is going to feature a catered pulled pork shoulder and slow cooked chicken BBQ with all the trimmings, the 'Oly Mountain Boys' bluegrass band in performance and locally brewed beer kegs. Tours are set at the Olympic Flight Museum and NW Helicopters at the Olympia Airport, Museum of Flight at Boeing Field just south of Seattle and the LeMay Family Auto Collection at Marymount, WA featuring over 2,5000 cars, trucks, and other vehicles.'"

Always remembering our 1st Cav troops on duty around the world; over and out.

Mike Bodnar C 2\7 '69
MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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