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2019 Mar-Apr

Mike Bodnar
307B N Main Copperas Cove, TX 76522

I received a telephone call again from ‘66-’67 15th MED Veteran Earl Kennard. Of course, it was in response to my last Saber column mention of him. I cannot do him justice because he has so much to say. To get it all correct you would have to talk to him. Again, he can be reached at 202-441-0363. He says he is now retired so he would be glad to talk to anyone.

Earl went on with a list of the professionals in the 1st Cav with whom he had worked with and for. His allegiance to the 1st Cav is unending. I mentioned that Earl was not assigned to a 1st Cav combat unit as a Medic, but he stressed that the sierra was hitting the fan everywhere when he was there. What the 15th MED was doing for the 1st Cav was of extreme importance.

2019 SaberI again received email from Lynn Wellman who now tells me: “I was with them from July ‘67 thru Jan ‘68. We were at LZ English until Nov ‘67, then moved to Kontum, Dak To, Pleiku. According to 1st Cav history book we were attached to the 173rd Airborne. This was the Pleiku defense. Then we went north to Hue, Phu Bai. Our LZ was at the graveyard outside Phu Bai. Were there for possibly two weeks, then we were sent to Quang Tri. This was for the relief of Marines at Khe Sanh which started in Dec ‘67. We had the 1st of 102nd 101 airborne company there also. I was wounded on Jan 31st, 1968. Our LZ was around Quang Tri. Somewhere. Can’t remember exactly where or the name. MAJ Gardner was our commanding officer. I was MEDEVACed to LZ Jane. Then to 1st Marine hospital at Da Nang, then to the USS Constitution hospital ship in Da Nang harbor. From there to the Air Force hospital at Cam Ranh Bay for about thirty days. That’s why I use the ‘Vet Tet ‘68.’ Then I was sent stateside, ended up at Valley Forge General Hospital. All this time I was still with the 1st 2019 SaberCav. All my records were misplaced as I was being moved so much. Got dismissed from the hospital and was given orders to 226th MPs Fort Ben Harrison, IN where I discharged August ‘68. That’s when I fnally got all my back pay. Until then I was only receiving parts coal pay. You can check the Cav after action reports to see how close I’m on the dates and units the 2nd FSE (FSB) was with. We were with the HHQ & HHQ Band and Support Command.”

From the FINAL DEROS page, a recent passing is: Raymond D. Kinnard, CPT, Medical Service Corps, of Engelwood, CO passed away on 25 December 2018. Ray served as a MEDEVAC pilot with the 15th Medical Battalion in Vietnam from May ‘67- May ‘68. I see no pilot call sign for him on the Callsign List so I cannot add it here.

Always remembering our 1st Cav Troops on duty around the world; over and out.

FIRST TEAM! Garryowen
Mike Bodnar
2\7 '69 MEDEVAC 1-7\70

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